An effective administrative office streamlines processes, reduces redundancy, and ensures that tasks are completed in a timely and organized manner. Ensures that the organization adheres to legal and regulatory requirements related to documentation, reporting, and other administrative aspects. Provides essential support to other departments, allowing them to focus on their core functions without getting bogged down by administrative tasks. Acts as a hub for communication, facilitating effective information flow both internally and externally.

Name Mr.Sanjay R. Charpe
Designation Office Superintendent
Responsibilities 1.Office Work
3.Student Section
4.Bench Work
Experience 13 Years
Email sanjaycharpe23@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9923583710

Name Ms. Anita M. Hate
Designation Clerk
Responsibilities 1.Out ward
2.In ward
4.Phone Call
Experience 15 Years
Email anitahate2006@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9823124339/8380008732

Name Ms. Vaishali L. Choudhari
Designation Admin(Student section)
Responsibilities 1.All Student Section Work
2.Bonafide & I-card
3.T.C & Orignal Document
4.Admission Process Duty
Experience 9 Years
Email vaishaligode2012@gmail.com
Mobile Number 8999362425

Name Mr. Kapil P. Khadse
Designation Admin(University Section)
Responsibilities 1.All University Work
3.Exam Form & Hall Ticket
4.Marksheet & Degree
Experience 1 Years
Email kapilkhadse44@gmail.com
Mobile Number 8421491010

Name Mr. Pravin S. Bharsakale
Designation Admin(Scholarship Section)
Responsibilities 1.All Scholarship work
2.Roll List
3.DTE Work
4.Bank Work
Experience 9 Years
Email pravinbharsakale@gmail.com
Mobile Number 7020754068

Name Mr. Mandar P. Deshmukh
Designation Accountant
Responsibilities 1.All Type Of Transaction Entry In Tally.
2.Prepare Notesheet
3.Banking Work
4.Tax Filling And Payments
Experience 1 Years
Email deshmukhmandar711@gamail.com
Mobile Number 7397913198

Name Mr. Sachin Vishnurao Vaidya
Designation Accountant
Responsibilities 1.Accounting
2.Book keeping
3.Budgeting and Forecasting
4.Financial Record Maintenance
Experience 5 Years
Email sachinvaidya763@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9545917250

Name Ms. Prajakta N. Wankhede
Designation Clerk
Responsibilities 1.Student Fees Collection
2.Lager Book
3.Scholarship Amount In Particularly Software
4.Ledger Data Entry
Experience 6 yrs and 5 months
Email chaintanya2052007@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9371245600

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