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Department Of Applied Sciences & Humanities


The vision of the Applied Sciences and Humanities Department is to enhance the scientific temperament of the students through the knowledge of core courses such as Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry.

Engineering Mathematics is an integral part of engineering. Engineering mathematics is the art of applying mathematics to complex real world problems. Engineering mathematics is having five highly qualified and experienced faculty members with two staff members registered for Ph.D. The department conducts lectures on quantitative aptitude from GATE examination point of view.

The Engineering Physics Laboratory is spacious and with separate dark room for optical experiments. The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments and enables students to understand the fundamentals of Engineering Physics. Engineering Physics is having qualified faculty member to provide the needs of the students and motivate them to develop their technical skills.

A fresh engineer is not only expected to know the basic principles of Engineering chemistry but also to apply the knowledge to technology and experimental conditions. Engineering chemistry laboratory is equipped with necessary instruments which are used for practicals. Engineering Chemistry is having one doctorate faculty member.
To protect the environment, need for sustainable development is key for today's generation. Environmental studies creat awareness about environmental problems. Simultaneously it provides the method to overcome these environmental issues. Recognizing the significance of the Environmental studies, this subject has been introduced at second year degree courses in all the disciplines. Department has specialized faculty for teaching Environmental studies.

The department has its own monitoring system i.e. 'Teacher Guardian' scheme which keep attention on attendance and academic performance of the students, which is monitored regularly and reports are sent to parents from time to time. Unit tests, teacher evaluation components are conducted by department. Department also arranges the effective Guest lecturers for the personality development.


To inculcate creative thinking and empowering knowledge through applied sciences


To adopt innovative approach in teaching and learning to achieve academic excellence



Engineering knowledge:  Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering      fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.


Problem  analysis:  Identify,  formulate,  review  research  literature,  and  analyze  complex engineering  problems  reaching  substantiated  conclusions  using  first  principles  of  mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.


Design/development  of  solutions:  Design  solutions  for  complex  engineering  problems  and design  system  components  or  processes  that  meet  the  specified  needs  with  appropriate consideration  for  the  public  health  and  safety,  and  the  cultural,  societal,  and  environmental considerations.


Conduct investigations of complex problems:  Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.


Modern  tool  usage:  Create,  select,  and  apply  appropriate  techniques,  resources,  and  modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.


The  engineer  and  society:  Apply  reasoning  informed  by  the  contextual  knowledge  to  assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.


Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in  societal  and  environmental  contexts,  and  demonstrate  the  knowledge  of,  and  need  for sustainable development.


Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.


Individual and team work:  Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.


Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.


Project  management  and  finance:  Demonstrate  knowledge  and  understanding  of  the engineering  and  management  principles  and  apply  these  to  one’s  own  work,  as  a member  and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.


Life-long learning:  Recognize  the  need  for, and  have  the  preparation  and  ability  to  engage  in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


Name Dr. Shrikant Devendra Thakre
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification Ph.D, M.Sc.(Physics), B.Ed
Teaching Experience 16 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email sdthakre1@gmail.com
No. of Publication 08
Name Mr. Milind S. Bodkhe
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification B. E (Mech), M. E (PTM), MBA (HR) MIE, LMISTE
Teaching Experience 24 Years
Industry Experience 2 Years
Email bodkhemind1@gmail.com
No. of Publication 14
Name Mr. Nitin N. Morey
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E.(Structures), B.E., D. C. E.
Teaching Experience 12 Years
Industry Experience 1 Year
Email nitin.morey1@gmail.com
No. of Publication 20
Name Mr. Manoj P. Khere
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.SC.(Mathematics) Ph.D(Pursuing)
Teaching Experience 9 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email manojkhere5@gmail.com
No. of Publication 02
Name Mr. Ankit Shyamkumarji Dixit
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Teaching Experience 09 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email ankitdixit835@gmail.com
No. of Publication 02
Name Prof. Neha Sanjay Varma
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc. (Chemistry) B.Ed
Teaching Experience 2 Years
Industry Experience Nil
Email varmaneha053@gmail.com
No. of Publication Nil
Name Prof. Shivani G. Dharmale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Tech (Comm.Engg)
Teaching Experience 6 Years
Industry Experience Nil
Email shivanidharmale.10@gmail.com
No. of Publication 10
Name Ms.Ashvini Dhanraj Nakhale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Ed.
Teaching Experience 06 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email nakhaleashvini111@gmail.com
No. of Publication 01
Name Ms. Vaishnavee D. Guhe
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification ME(EPS) ; BE( Electronics & Power)
Teaching Experience 5 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email vaish.guhe@gmail.com
No. of Publication 03
Name Mr. Harshal A. Nimkar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D(Pursuing), M.Sc.(Mathematics) B.Ed.
Teaching Experience 2 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email harshalnimkar53@gmail.com
No. of Publication 03
Name Mr. Chetan G. Panchwate
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc (Physics) B.Ed.
Teaching Experience 2 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email panchwatechetan@gmail.com
No. of Publication NIL
Name Ms. Deepa S.Deulkar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M Tech ( computer science and engineering)
Teaching Experience 2 Years
Industry Experience NIL
Email deepadeulkar.dd@gmail.com
No. of Publication 02


1. List of Laboratories

Sr. No. Lab Name Equipment Cost Furniture Cost Total Cost
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Physics
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Computer Centre
Enggineering Drawing

2. List of major equipment LAB wise

Sr. No. Lab Name Name of Equipment Quantity
Engineering Chemistry

Muffle Furnace

Electronic Balance

Redwood Viscometer No. 1.

Redwood Viscometer No. 2.

Abel's Flash Point apparatus.

Pensky Marten's apparatus.
Computer Center


Engineering Physics
He - Ne Laser gun Complete Set Up 2MW

Four probe method apparatus

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) Aplab

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) Scientich

OHP (Over head Projector)

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)20MHz, 6020 Systronics

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)20MHz, 6021 Systronics Function Generator

Hall Effect Setup
Electrical Engineering
3 phase energy motor

3 phase induction motor

3 phase transformer

R-L-C Resonance kit

AC Load bank

DC Machine LAB -I

DC Machine LAB -II

2 Wattmeter method

KCL , KVL ,Superposition kits
Engineering Mechanics
Inclined Plane Setup

Parallel Force Apparatus

Compound Pendulum

Fly Wheel With Counter

Coil Friction Apparatus

Flatchers Trolley

Simple Lifting Machine

Simple Jib Crane

Belt Friction Apparatus

Share Leg Apparatus

Gear Set

Simple Supported Beam(Dial Type)

Law of Polygon of Force

Single Purchase Crab Winch

Double Purchase Crab Winch

Differential Axel Wheel

Syllabus & Curriculam

Sr. No. Document Title Action
1 Syllabus First Year(1st & 2nd Sem) View File
2 Curriculum View File

Programs Organized

Sr. No. Date Program Name Speaker/Organized by Session
1 2023-10-18 Communication Skills Mr. Swapnil Tijare 2023-2024
2 2023-10-05 Role of Human Values Dr. Sandip Tatewar,HOD of Mechanical dept,Govt Engg.,Amravati 2023-2024
3 2023-09-08 AI Model Mr.Trivikrama 2023-2024
4 2023-09-06 Communication Techniques Dr. D. Y. Patil, HOD of Computer Dept.,DRGITR,Amravati 2023-2024
5 2023-09-05 Address By Principal Sir Dr. A.V.Parvate, Principal of DRGITR,Amravati 2023-2024
6 2023-08-31 Stress Management Dr. S.C. Jirapure, HOD of Mechanical Dept.,DRGITR,Amravati 2023-2024
7 2022-11-26 Prize Distribution All Faculty Members 2022-2023
8 2022-11-25 Sports ( Final Result ) All Faculty Members 2022-2023
9 2022-11-24 Sports (Section C vs D ) All Faculty Members 2022-2023
10 2022-11-23 Sports (Section A vs B) All Faculty Members 2022-2023
11 2022-11-22 Motivational lecture Dr. G.D. Dalvi 2022-2023
12 2022-11-21 Expert Session Dr.A.B.Marathe 2022-2023
13 2022-11-18 Motivation lecture Dr.S.G.Deshmukh 2022-2023
14 2022-11-17 Introduction with Curriculum and exam methods Dr.P.S.Ardak 2022-2023
15 2022-11-16 Address by Hon Principal Dr.A.V.Parwate 2022-2023
16 2022-11-15 Welcome of Students, Registration and Counseling form filling All Faculty Members 2022-2023
17 2022-02-18 Shiv Jayanti Prof. Vikram Magar 2021-2022
18 2022-01-21 Webinar on Data Science for Engineers Dr. Chetan Shelke 2021-2022
19 2022-01-13 Webinar on Importance of Meditation for Students Mr. Sanjay Bhaiya Wadekar 2021-2022
20 2022-01-13 Webinar on Communication Techniques. Prof. S.D.Raut 2021-2022
21 2022-01-12 Webinar on Swami Vivekananda and Today’s Youth Prof.Sachin Here 2021-2022
22 2022-01-12 Webinar on Soft Skills Dr.D.B.Karanjule 2021-2022
23 2022-01-11 Guest Lecture on Professional Skills Dr.Nilesh Ugemuge 2021-2022
24 2021-10-08 Educational Multimedia and VR for Teaching and Learning Dr. D.V.Shirbhate Vikramshila Polytechnic, Darapur 2021-2022
25 2021-10-07 Augmented Reality Approach for Innovative Teaching and Learning Dr. Vipin Gawande VPKBIT, Baramati 2021-2022
26 2021-10-06 Importance of Ethics in Today’s Technology Dr. N.S. Ugemuge ANC, Warora 2021-2022
27 2021-10-05 Creative Pedogogy-A TRIZ Way Dr. Sandeep Wankhade AISSMS college of Engineering, Pune 2021-2022
28 2021-10-04 Joy of Teaching Dr. Sanjay Shekhawat SSBT’s College of Engineering , Jalgaon. 2021-2022
29 2021-09-22 How to Publish Research Paper in Indexed Journals Dr. Vipin Gawande 2021-2022
30 2021-09-22 Webinar on How to Publish Research Paper in Indexed Journal Dr. Vipin Gawande 2021-2022
31 2021-08-05 Competitive Exam Preparation Prof. Sushil Wankhade 2021-2022
32 2021-06-21 Yoga Day Mr. Prathamesh Tayade 2020-2021
33 2021-06-14 Aptitude Building for Jobs and Higher Education Mr. Ankush Ronghe 2020-2021
34 2021-05-28 Plagiarism, Role and Challenges in Online Education Dr. Nitin Khedkar, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune 2020-2021
35 2021-05-27 Need of Skills for Industry Dr. Atul Deshmukh, General Manager, JCB India, Pune 2020-2021
36 2021-05-27 Enhancing creativity through COPY RIGHT and Patent filling Dr. D. B. Karanjule, Govt. Poly, Ahmednagar 2020-2021
37 2021-05-26 Theory of Inventive Problem Solving , TRIZ Dr. Sandeep Wankhade, AISSMS, College of Engineering, Pune 2020-2021
38 2021-05-25 Role of Teacher in Technical Education Dr. Sudhakar Umale, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Andheri, Mumbai. 2020-2021
39 2021-05-25 Promoting Creativity and Innovation through Collaborative Research. Dr. Vipin Gawande, VPKB institute of Technology, Baramati 2020-2021
40 2021-05-24 National Education Policy Dr. A.B. Marathe Principal, HVPM’s College of Engineering, Amravati 2020-2021
41 2021-04-22 Attitude During Graduation Mr. Nitesh Mule Materials Manager, Indian Railway, IES AIR 11 2020-2021
42 2021-04-15 Patriotism of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Dr. Deolal Athawale Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Kokilabai Gawande Mahila Mahavidh 2020-2021
43 2021-03-22 Importance of failure in life Mr. Ankit Hole Director , Star Mark Educare, Amravati. 2020-2021
44 2021-02-24 Social Work of Sant Gadge Baba related to Environment , Pollution and Education Prof. G.R.Bharsakade Assistant Prof. C.O.E.T.Akola 2020-2021
45 2021-02-19 Management skills of Shivaji Maharaj Prof. Vikram Magar Assistant Professor, JSPM college of Engineering , Pune 2020-2021

University Question Paper

Sr. No. Name of Paper Year Summer/Winter


Sr. No. Faculty Name Copyright Title Number Session
1 Dr. P. S. Ardak Home Delivery System of Grocery Items to Avoid Mass Gathering L-95234/2020 2020
2 Dr. P. S. Ardak Plaster Leveling Tool To Reduce Human Efforts, Save Time And Maintain Good Quality of Plaster Lavel L-102798/2021 2021
3 Dr. P. S. Ardak Mechanical System for Automatic Closing of Wall Compound Gate L-106817/2021 2021
4 Dr. P. S. Ardak Inventory Management Of Cloths in Houses L-116393/2022 2022
5 Dr. P. S. Ardak Instant Tea L-110784/2022 2022
6 Dr. P. S. Ardak Removable Traveller Toothbrush L-116394/2022 2022
7 Dr. S. D. Thakre Removable Traveller Toothbrush L-116394/2022 2022
8 Ms. A. D. Nakhale Removable Traveller Toothbrush L-116394/2022 2022


Sr. No. Faculty Name Copyright Title Number Session
1 Dr. P. S. Ardak Mob Twister 363603-001 2022
2 Dr. S. D. Thakre Mob Twister 363603-001 2022
3 Mr. N N. Morey A laptop or Notebook Computer with Folded Screen 2.02021E+11 2019-2020
4 Mr. N N. Morey A laptop or Notebook Computer with Dual Folded Screen 2.02021E+11 2019-2020
5 Mr. N N. Morey A Compact laptop or Notebook Computer with Folded Screen 2.02021E+11 2019-2020


  • STTP on Innovative and Creative Methods to Develop effective Teaching Learning Skills from 14/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 Click here
  • Induction program conducted for first year students by online mode from 11/01/2022 to 14/01/2022. Click here
  • AICTE - ISTE approved self finance one week STTP on " Creative and Innovative Approaches for Teaching and Learning" from 04/10/2021 to 08/10/2021 Click here
  • AICTE - ISTE approved self finance one week STTP on " Techniques for developing Creativity among Students" from 24/05/2021 to 28/05/2021
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